Medical Marijuana, Inc.


Stephen Jones

Chief Marketing Officer, Kannaway


Stephen Jones brings to the Kannaway team nearly 20 years of experience in direct sales, marketing, finance, and international logistics. A native of Sheffield, England, Stephen manages Kannaway’s marketing team and develops the company’s branding message. Leveraging his business and marketing education from Sheffield Hallam University as well as his European ties, Stephen helps spearhead Kannaway’s expansion efforts on the continent, including his efforts in organizing various events across the EU to generate buzz as well as build Kannaway brand awareness and knowledge.


“I could not be more excited about being at Kannaway,” Stephen says. He relishes being on “a team of people who are going to fundamentally change the world” and impact “the lives of customers around the world.”


As CMO, Stephen wears many hats as the leader of several different teams within the portfolio of companies within parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc. He is tasked with the creation, development, and execution of the long-term strategic brand marketing goals across the different product and company brands. This includes overseeing the direction, development, and distribution of Kannaway’s blog, advertising channels, social media pages, and product packaging, all of which establishes a world-class online presence and consistent interaction with stakeholders.

Furthermore, Stephen is responsible for identifying new areas of revenue generation along with the development and implementation of various strategies designed to increase brand awareness and ROI of the companies under the Medical Marijuana, Inc. umbrella. He also attends regional and national events when necessary to help spread Kannaway’s messaging with his infectious smile and engaging British wit.