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Your Complete CBD For Pets Guide

CBD For Pets Guide

You might have heard that CBD oil is now being created for an unexpected member of your family – pets – leading many to ask, “Should I be giving CBD to my pet?”

YesPet’s can benefit from CBD the same way as humans. You can even buy CBD for animals that’s made for their unique needs and tastes.

It is possible to support your pet’s system with CBD, just as you would your own. That is because all mammals, perhaps all vertebrates, have an endocannabinoid system, the bodily system with which cannabinoids interact, meaning that your pet can likely benefit from CBD in much the same ways as you.

What are Pet CBD Products?

Many pet owners have begun to incorporate pet-specific CBD treats and oils into their pet’s diets to promote well-being.

Common CBD products for pets include CBD-infused pet treats, and CBD liquids that can be added to food.

CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoids that scientists have so far identified in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids like CBD encourage balance and wellness by interacting with your pet’s endocannabinoid system.

While the natural benefits of hemp-derived CBD oil for pets are less documented than the benefits for humans, all mammals — including dogs and cats — have similar body systems as humans, suggesting that your furry family member can likely benefit from daily CBD oil products in much the same way you do.

The Best CBD for Pets

Medical Marijuana, Inc. offers a range of CBD oil products for pets specifically designed to promote overall health and mental wellbeing in your dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Hemp for Pets has created safe, effective daily CBD products for your four-legged family member.

Hemp for Pets™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

Hemp for Pets™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

1-Ounce (100 mg CBD) / 2-Ounce (500 mg CBD)


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Hemp for Pets™ Pure Hemp Oil Extract CBD Oil

Hemp for Pets™ Pure Hemp Oil Extract CBD Oil

1-Ounce (500 mg CBD) / 2-Ounce (1000 mg CBD)


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Hemp for Pets™ Relaxation Soft Chews

Hemp for Pets™ Relaxation Soft Chews

90-Gram/30-Count (75 mg CBD)


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Hemp for Pets™ Soft Baked Cat Chews

Hemp for Pets™ Soft Baked Cat Chews

240-Gram (60 mg CBD)


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Hemp for Pets™ Itch and Hot Spot Balm

Hemp for Pets™ Itch and Hot Spot Balm

1.3-Ounce (50 mg CBD)


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Benefits of CBD for Pets

Pet owners have found that CBD oil products for pets are a natural alternative they can trust to promote well-being in their dogs, cats, and even horses.

The natural health and wellness benefits that come with giving CBD to pets have to do with CBD’s ability to support their endocannabinoid system. A properly functioning endocannabinoid system is important for your pet maintaining health and wellness. CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors found throughout your pet’s body, stimulating the endocannabinoid system to keep your pet’s functions in balance.

In veterinary studies, CBD for pets has been shown to work the endocannabinoid system to promote pets’ cardiovascular function, supports healthy joints, and promotes neurological health and emotional behavior.

While the American Veterinary Medical Association has yet to take an official stance on CBD for pets, they have adopted a position acknowledging the potential benefits of cannabis in pets: “There is a growing body of veterinary evidence … This herb may be able to improve the quality of life for many patients” Many veterinarians and pet owners have embraced the benefits of CBD for pets.

Made from hemp plants, CBD oil for pets also contains a nutritional profile that many pet owners have found complements the dietary requirements of their animal. Full-spectrum CBD hemp oil provides important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins A, B12, C, and E.

With hemp-derived CBD products, pet owners are able to provide their dog or cat with the natural benefits of cannabinoids and dietary nutrients of hemp oil without worrying about them experiencing psychoactive effects. CBD itself is non-psychoactive, and hemp oil naturally contains only miniscule amounts of the THC, far less than the amount needed to cause euphoria. In all mammals, CBD has shown to be non-toxic and well tolerated, making CBD products a safe option for your dogs and cats.

Advantages of Pet-Specific CBD Products

CBD products that are specifically designed for pets offer various advantages, including:

  • Cannabinoid concentrations that are more suitable for pets. CBD serving sizes in pet-specific CBD products are adjusted to account for a pet’s size and weight. As nearly all pets are significantly smaller than adult humans, not as much CBD is needed to adequately stimulate the endocannabinoid system.
  • Serving methods that lend themselves to administering a product to a cat, dog, or horse. Pet-specific CBD products also generally are available in versatile pourable liquid that is simple to measure and mix into food, and easy-to-administer CBD-infused treats.
  • Formulated with flavors pets love. To help with pets who are picky eaters and don’t particularly enjoy CBD oil’s naturally light grassy flavor, CBD is available in the form of treats that feature natural bacon and apple ingredients and cinnamon flavors.

How to Give Pets CBD

Pet-specific CBD products are designed for everyday use to support your pet’s wellbeing. There are a variety of administration methods pet owners can choose from to add CBD to a pet’s daily diet.

Pet CBD products that come in a pourable liquid can be given:

  • From a Spoon: For dogs and cats who don’t mind the taste of CBD oil, pet owners can measure out the desired serving for a pet onto a spoon and have the animal lick up the CBD liquid.
  • On a Treat: Pet owners can help motivate their pet to take their daily CBD by dripping the liquid extract onto a treat. Generally, wide, dry treats work the best for absorbing the liquid. Sometimes multiple treats are needed to administer a full daily serving.
  • Mixed into Food: Pet owners have found that mixing their pet’s CBD liquid directly into their pet’s food helps mask the flavor of CBD oil.

CBD products in the form of a CBD pet treat can be given as a pet owner normally gives their pet a treat. A large majority of pets, particularly dogs, are motivated by treats, making CBD-infused pet treats a highly effective way to administer CBD every day.

While you may be looking for a recommended serving of CBD for pets in the traditional sense, the fact is there is no such thing.

Wellness products designed for pets are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The FDA, however, has not provided any type of recommended daily serving size of CBD for pets. To comply with FDA regulations, Medical Marijuana, Inc. does not list any type of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of our own for any of our products.

Ultimately, the amount of CBD you feel is best for your pet is up to you and your veterinarian. You may find that your dog, cat, or horse responds best with either a higher or lower CBD serving than recommended usage amounts.

When trying to determine the ideal amount of CBD for your pet, it is recommended that you first begin with a very small serving and gradually work your way up over a series of weeks. This allows you to monitor how your pet responds to the CBD products and helps you dial in on the optimal serving size.

Just like with people, every pet will respond differently to CBD. Ask your veterinarian about CBD and pets and work your way up to an effective serving of CBD for your pet.

Get Your Pet Started with CBD

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